18th Anniversary

Last weekend, to celebrate our eighteenth anniversary we went to the Bayport Cookery. It was during their Morel Fest so we were in for a treat. A couple of sample images (not necessarily what we were served but a good indication):

Yowsa…it was great. Here is what we were in store for:

* ~ First ~
Alaskan Halibut
Pad Thai noodles and morel miso broth

* ~ Second ~
Sockeye Salmon
morels, jumbo lump crab and watercress salad

~ Third ~
Morel Mushroom Frittata
sweet corn, spinach and raw milk cheddar

* ~ Fourth ~
Charcoal Grilled Chicken
soft polenta and morel mushroom gravy

* ~ Fifth ~
Pork Tenderloin
eda mame, morels, and smoked applewood bacon

~ Sixth ~
Beef and Tuna
black & white risotto, port wine reduction, foie gras, and morels

~ Cheese ~
pate choux, morels and aged balsamic

~ Dessert ~
Strawberry Shortcake
morel maple mousse and rhubarb compote

* ~ Number 9 ~
Morel Mushroom Ice Cream
chocolate cake, almond tuile and red wine syrup

The Cookery also has an interesting tradition…a diary on the table, open to anyone to add their notes. We found our own note from our anniversary five years ago. What a treat!


Maybe I should switch my allegiance to ‘Vettes. Sweet!

Cool Studebaker

But this was the coolest…not exactly OEM.

Old Studebakers

I did find a couple of other Studes…

1951 Stude

I went in search of a 1951 Studebaker Landcruiser. This was as close as I got, a ’51 Champion. Needs some TLC. The ’51 I had was jet black and 35,000 miles (28,000 driven by my great Aunt Kathryn to church and back).

Lakeside Garden

It has been a very cold, wet spring. While it has restricted how much golf we’ve been able to play, it certainly has made the garden as lush as it has ever been. Several varieties of Hosta, lush Ferns (which seem to grow as well outside the garden as in it), Astilbe, and massive Bleeding Hearts have taken over this part of the garden.