Bosque del Apache – 1

Well it certainly wasn’t prime time in the Bosque. I did not see any Sandhills, Swans, or the other typical migratory fowl. However I was expecting that. My day excursion to the Bosque (and the Roadway Inn…eww) was a convenient day trip. I also wanted to check it out prior to a prime time visit.

In prime time, there are 17,000 cranes a day that stop at the bosque. I am guessing that I’ll be back.

While I didn’t see Sandies, I did see many other species. One was the Gambel Quail.

In this shot two male Pheasants, are fighting for more territory. You can tell by the feathers only view of the second who is winning.

After a bit of a tussle, this male was the victor. Interestingly, this is not a ringtail – which was introduced +25 years ago. This is a combo of a ringtail and an afghani pheasant (introduced in the last ten). The white wing was a giveaway.

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