Taos – Pueblo

After the drive, we ate lunch in downtown Taos and toured the square. Nothing really caught my eye. It was quaint, but I thought that the square in Santa Fe was better. We left and headed towards the Taos Pueblo.

After you enter the pueblo this set of homes is just west of the cemetery. The buildings have been there for a thousand years. There is NO running water (the river runs through town), and there is NO electricity. The most recent development are the doors. Traditionally the entry is a hole in the roof, hence all of the ladders. It was more secure to raise a ladder than do secure a door.

A couple of minutes later we emerged from one of the narrow avenues into the main square. I was not prepared for what I saw. This image is the main north building of the Pueblo with the Taos ski area in the background.

Here is the San Geronimo (St. Jerome) Church. It is one of the newer buildings, constructed in 1850. It replaced the original church which was first built in the 1600s.

This is an Eagle feather staff. It caught my eye as the wind picked up. It was blowing so hard that the elm seeds were blowing horizontally and it almost looked like it was snowing.

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