Taos – Rio Grande

Our first trip to Taos. The route wound along the Rio Grande.

The terrain became rugged quickly as we left Santa Fe.

Early on near Santa Fe, the river was close at hand and slow moving.

Up near Taos, the river cut a mighty gorge. It was (is) beautiful. This is looking north. It was quite windy on the bridge (called the Gorge Bridge). I am not sure how fast it was but I would guess at least 50 MPH. I would guess that someone will find quite a few hats, etc. upwind.

The bridge has pedestrian walkways on both sides with a number of lookouts. This is taken from the middle now looking south towards Santa Fe.

This is a view of the bridge looking west. In 1966 it was awarded “Most Beautiful Steel Bridge” in the “Long Span” category. The bridge has appeared in several films, including Natural Born Killers, Twins, She’s Having a Baby, Wild Hogs and Terminator Salvation.

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