Venice Rookery

I learned a new two part secret for taking good wildlife pictures. Part 1: Go to where the wildlife is. Part 2: Take a lot of pictures. I had meetings most of this week on the road ending in Jacksonville FL. I decided that while I was there I would visit the crew in Bonita Springs (Mom, Bill, Mary and Lynn).

Having heard about the Venice Rookery, I opted for a slight diversion along the way. I stayed overnight in Venice FL, a couple of miles from the Rookery. Rising at dawn Saturday, I headed down for a morning of shooting. Between the couple of shots Friday evening in the harsh light to check it out, and those from 6:55 to about 9:55, I took about 500 pictures. I’ll show four in this post, plus a snapshot of the rookery.

The rookery itself is a small area behind the local Audubon Society. There are species everywhere (I saw about 15) and many nest on this small island. It is packed.

The first picture of the morning was a Great Egret coming in for a landing. It is not sharp, and is a little grainy since it was just getting light but I really love the feel of it.

The Male Anhinga is striking, and strange. I looks really strange as it flies. It was a new one for me.

This Glossy Ibis was an unusual find for me here. Much different than the birds I am used to in Minnesota.

This great egret was beautiful and I think she knew it. You can see her chick in the nest below, not getting much attention.

It was a blast. At the peak there were 12-15 photographers there, snapping away. I have many more shots, Great Blue Herons, more Egrets and even some Sandhill Cranes. I’ll probably just post one more set and then post an album in the selected photos tab.

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