El Dorado Royale

Another wonderful week of vacation in Mexico. This was our third trip to El Dorado Royale, fourth in the Cancun area. We quite enjoy our vacations here. Many may not appreciate the pace of the days, but our time here is designed specifically for relaxation (this year punctuated with exercise every morning – and not 12 oz curls).

We did lots of lolling, Mary read nine books, I read six. We looked at many sunrises (me more than her), even more sunsets. We enjoyed a new restaurant (d’Italia) and tried a new wine. Mariatinto. It is a red wine (Cabernet, Shiraz, Petite Sirah and Grenache) from Baja California. It was outstanding – a definite sleeper.

I did take a couple of more pictures:

  • a couple of long exposure surf pictures – they almost make me think of lunar or volcanic terrain – very craggy.
  • a view of our room (a swim up Casita which is nice if you get upgraded, but I wouldn’t pay extra for it),
  • the clubhouse – quite nice,
  • and a local herbivore that loves munching on hibiscus flowers – fallen ones that is because he can’t reach anything more than three inches off the ground.

As always more will be posted in the selected photos section.

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