Lake Como is much different than any of the places we have visited in Italy. It defies easy or simple definition. The surrounding area reminds me a bit of upstate New York with its deep lakes, steep inclines and dense vegetation. However, there are a number of differences.

A few include:

  • The Swiss Alps aren’t 30 miles away from upstate NY
  • Lake Placid isn’t 400M deep (the bottom of Lake Como is 200M BELOW sea level)
  • You don’t see palm trees in Lake Placid
  • There aren’t four hundred fifty year old villas lining the lake shores
  • Communities didn’t expand “up the hillside”

We stayed two days in Como. Monday, we just wandered the city. Like many old cities in Italy, the Duomo is almost always fantastic. Como is not an exception. Here are a couple of shots. The inside is breath taking.

Yesterday we took a ferry ride up the lake to the town of Bellagio. I don’t know that there is anything specific that led us there other than the fact that it is quaint and allows for a very pleasant two-hour boat ride with lots of great scenery.

The villas are outstanding. One of the noteworthy is Villa del Balbianello. It is where the wedding between Anakin and Padme (Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones) was filmed, along with other planet Naboo location shots.

We are now heading home. We left Como early this AM, and encountered a couple of traffic jams on the Autostrade that made us a little nervous. It was also challenging to find the car return facility at Malpensa (since we picked the car up in Milan at the Centro Train Station). We ended up driving within 200 yards of the main terminal before we saw a 8”x8” sign that said Car Hire. Once behind a ticketed gate, we finally saw signage for EuropCar. Crisis averted!
I was planning on posting this at the KLM Lounge in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (Wifi is free). For the last couple of days Internet Access has been dicey (or expensive). In Como and Portovenere is was $8.00 for 30 minutes. That got old fast. It sure is easier to unplug, when plugging in is expensive.
As it turns out, our Milan flight was delayed and we didn’t have time to stop at the lounge. So I posted this when we get home.
As it noted in the last post, we’ll have a couple more updates and I’ll post all the photos on the “Photos” tab of the blog.


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