We are now in Liguria, on the Mediterranean coast in a small town called Portovenere. Our original plan was to stay in one of the towns of Cinque Terre but we could not find a room. We were lucky to find a place here (Thanks to Sandy from Travel Leaders)! In the end, I am very glad we stayed here instead. The town is bigger, parking is still bad but it still has more choices. More on that in coming posts.

The town is very quaint, there are plenty of good restaurants, and there is a vibrant night life (well, for us more “mature” travelers, two out of three ain’t bad).

The port has a mix of fishing and tourism. This is a shot of the main drag across the harbor.

It is a happening town – at least on the Saturday night we were there. To say that parking is tight would be an understatement. You do what you have to do…

Saturday night, we had a nice seafood dinner along the harbor and witnessed what we think was a festival honoring the patron saint of the town. There were even a Cardinal and a Monsignor on hand to accompany the local priests and townsfolk in their elaborate, hymn-filled procession up to the beautifully lit ruins of the old church. The path to the church was also lit with many luminaria. It was a breathtaking sight.

We have a great room with a view of the bay. This was dawn on Sunday morning. Wonderful.

Finally, even though we had a great view of the old church (the same one as in the festival picture) from town, it has a very different look from the sea.

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