For our last day in Tuscany we debated between Cortona (e.g. Frances Mayes – Under the Tuscan Sun) and Volterra (another of the primary Etruscan cities). Volterra won. It was closer, it had fewer tourists.

We enjoyed it a lot. Not as much as Sienna, but more than Montepulciano. It was certainly classically Tuscan with its forbidding walls and gates.

Here is a shot of the city as you approach. It would seem forbidding if you were planning a raid.

Secondly, you’d have to make it through one of three gates (all over two thousand years old).

Once inside, you see a lot of more modern things, like a Roman theater from the first century,

Or a renaissance baptistery from the 1500’s.

And there are even newer additions, most not as good as the originals.

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