Tanzania – Day 4 July 1

On Thursday during our game drives we saw a Vervet monkey and two very tired but very full Leopards. Their kill was a young Cape Buffalo who got stuck in a nearby muddy watering hole. It is not clear if these two were going to be able to eat any more of their kill. If Hyenas were to arrive, they would abandon it, as they hyenas are much stronger and would prevail in a fight over the kill. As we traveled to our lunch spot in the bush we saw a large herd of Cape Buffalo – one with a happy bird eating bugs off his face (and out of his nostrils), and had some great Giraffe sightings.



This Superb Starling joined our picnic lunch hoping for table scraps.

Stan took us back to the Kuro airstrip where our plane picked us up for a short ride to the airstrip at Lake Manyara.

A short (extremely bumpy – we know why they call riding in the LandCruiser an African massage) ride later, we checked into the Elewana Manor to get ready for our Ngorongoro Crater excursion the next morning.

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