Tanzania – Day 3 June 30

Early the next morning before breakfast, Stan (with rifle – just in case) and a spear-carrying Maasai warrior met us for our morning bush walking tour. It was a beautiful start to the day and very cool experiencing the bush as everything woke up.

We saw many of the same animals from the day before, but new additions were Hyena, and a male and female lion couple on honeymoon. Apparently their mating lasts seven days, every fifteen minutes. They must not be very fertile.

After breakfast we visited the local Maasai Boma village. The chief was out with his cattle but several of his wives and tribe members were there. Their houses were small, dark and way too smoky from the cooking fire.

The day continued with a game drive with more Zebra, Impalas and Lions.

At the end of our day we were driven to the top of an area called Sundowner Hill by the locals. The camp surprised us by being already set up with some hors d’oeuvres, wine and cocktails, and an amazing 360-degree view for watching the sun set. Afterwards, we drove back to camp in the dark and were able to see more Lions, waiting by a water hole for unsuspecting prey, and other nocturnal African creatures such as Bush Babies.

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