Arcachon Bay – Day 7

Oysters! We took a bus from the pier to visit Arcachon Bay, sample recently harvested Oysters and have lunch bayside. What a fun day trip.

When we arrived the tide was pretty high. All we saw of the oyster beds were these “sticks” poking out of the water. We took a boat over to the other side of the bay where there were a lot of Oyster cottages, owned only by active Oyster farmers. We had a tasting (about 6 each) while enjoying the view and his description of his farming.

By the time we finished our lunch just down the bay, the tide was almost out (a difference of about 7 feet). It was easy to see the oyster beds now (they grow in the green cages). At low tide the bay is only 15 sq. mi. compared to 60 at high tide. It is hard to envision that until you see all of the stranded boats in the bay.

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