Roma – Days 1 & 2

We set out for the third installment of European Vacation, Feikema family style. This involved the six of us descending on JFK from SFO, MSP and BNA. After the normal JFK high jinks, we all boarded a flight to Roma. We arrived in time to grab a quick pizza, a beer and/or glass of Prosecco, clean up and get ready for our welcome dinner. We joined twelve other intrepid travelers from across the US for ten days of exploration in the heart of Italy. Our journey was to take us from Rome through Tuscany to Liguria ending in Venice. We were pumped.

The next morning we visited the Forum and the Coliseum. Our guide was great and gave us a good sense of the expanse of the history that we were walking through. I had visited these sites before but the guide made a real difference.



After lunch (which was an amazing plate of Pasta Carbonara – because bacon!) we visited the Vatican Museum and St. Peter. The art and architecture were amazing but difficult to appreciate due to the crowds. In the Sistine Chapel everyone was warned many times, no talking and no pictures. Good luck. It was sad how disrespectful the crowds of seemingly every country were. Selfie sticks, blatant picture taking and noise. Oy.

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