Ghent and Bruges  – Day 12

Our final tour day, we visited the cities of Gent and Brugge (their spellings). We were not very familiar with either prior to the trip and had low expectations.
We fell in love with Gent. What a charming place. Of all of the cities we visited, this would be the first that we’d return to and spend time relaxing, exploring and getting to know it and the people better. There was eye candy everywhere.
This is the fourth place where the local guide claimed that their city was known as “the Venice of the North.” Gent wore that claim well.


We rode about 45 minutes to Brugge for lunch and a walk around the town. It was also very quaint and we might have enjoyed it as much as Gent if it didn’t rain about half of the time.
Both were beautiful and I know Belgium is a place we need to visit again.

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