Amsterdam – Day 11

After a day at sea having traveled 643 Nautical miles from Copenhagen to Amsterdam I woke up at about 5AM thinking we had arrived a couple of hours early. In fact, we just hit the locks on the edge of the Amsterdam harbor.

All of the canals and waterways in Amsterdam are below sea level. Amazing the way they manage the movement of water in this city.
They have been doing this for centuries. This windmill isn’t for power or for milling it was a pump that managed the flow of water for an ancient lock on the edge of town.=

Amsterdam is spread out enough that when you visit from a cruise ship you basically have two choices, take the day and walk the city, or visit a museum. Having toured 8 old cities in the last 10 days, we opted to visit the Van Gogh Museum. We loved it!

We did see many examples of their dense building styles as we came back from the museum.

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