St. Petersburg – Faberge and Canal Tour – Day 5

The interior of the Faberge Museum is stunning.

It is a building owned by a “Russian Businessman” aka oligarch who purchased the collection of the Forbes family so that he could bring them home to St. Petersburg. It was noble but not altruistic. They charge plenty for admission. Here is an example of a royal Faberge Egg.

In the afternoon we took a canal tour through part of St. Petersburg. The Peter and Paul Fortress was constructed to guard against a Swedish counterattack. After that it became a prison and housed Fyodor Dostoyevsky (among other high profile prisoners) for a time.

Next we came to the entrance to the Summer Garden on the Neva river. The architecture along the canals was beautiful. We saw the church of the Spilled Blood but unfortunately they were renovating much of it and we didn’t get much of a look.

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