Moscow – Day 4

We rose at o’dark thirty to catch a high speed train to Moscow. We traversed much of  the countryside between St. Petersburg and Moscow at 200kph. We arrived and did a short bus tour through the old city – parts of which date back to the twelfth century. This is a view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. It is a remake of the original church which Stalin had destroyed.

This is the main visitor entrance to the Kremlin, the Kutafaya (Trinity) Tower.

These walls were built at the end of the 15th century and maintenance is ongoing. There is maintenance and construction all around as they prepare for Moscow’s 870th birthday a week after we left.

Here is the Presidential Executive Office building (Putin’s office). Unfortunately he was in China during our visit and we did not get to meet him.

The churches inside the Kremlin are amazing, here is the Archangel Cathedral.

We were making our way to the entrance to Red Square and our guide had a surprise for us. Even though it is very walkable, we took the Moscow subway just to experience it. We got on at the Kremlin subway station and got off one stop later.

This is Kazan Cathedral and nearby St. Basil’s Cathedral. Unfortunately there was a huge music event in Red Square that evening and it was closed during our visit.

We did take a look around the famous Gum department store. It had just about every high end brand you can imagine.

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