The Kimberley – Day 7 – Mitchell Falls

Today we visited Mitchell Falls via helicopter. On the short zodiac ride to the beach for pick-up, the driver was hilariously whistling The Ride of the Valkyrie and evoked memories of Apocalypse Now. The open air helicopters were a fun way to see the country and meant we could skip a bus ride, since they came to us.

For our departure, they landed right on the beach. When we returned (as you can see in the final photo) the beach was 90% gone due to the tide and they landed right next to the trees. They were so close to the trees, I kept thinking giant weed-whacker.

Initially I thought that the lack of a door next to me would mean that I would have unlimited photographic opportunities. While there were many, holding your arms out a window going 100 MPH (not to mention a bulky camera) requred more concentration and effort than I anticipated.

The end objective of Mitchell Falls did not disappoint anyone on our trip who ventured there. Hopefully these images capture some of what we saw.

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