The Kimberley – Day 3 – The Bungles

The next day we trucked (figuratively) over to Wyndham. Wyndham is the northernmost city of Western Australia (WA). WA is 33% of Australia’s landmass and about 11% of its population. There are still more cattle than people. Some of the stations, what we call ranches, have over a million head. You will see stunning examples of the countryside if you watch the movie Australia with Nicole Kidman.

After a short bus ride, narrated by a local retired pharmacist who crammed 2 hours of commentary into 60 minutes, we boarded a 12 person Cessna to fly over Lake Argyle and the Argyle diamond mine (think pink diamonds) on our way to the Bungle Bungle range.

These outstanding examples of cone karst that have eroded over a period of 20 million years are of great beauty and exceptional geological interest. (Wikipedia)

The Bungle Bungles

More Bungles

The Argyle Diamond Mine

Our ride

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