Our first excursion day took us just north of the equator to an island called Genovesa. The day was packed and we started with exploration at ‘Prince Philip’s Steps’, a steep path named after the Duke of Edinburgh who visited the island in 1965. We saw Nazca Boobies nesting on the ground, Red footed Boobies in short trees and mating, Great Frigatebirds putting on a show with fiery red sacs, and a Short-eared Owl.

Then back to the ship, after donning wet suits we were zodiac-ed to a little bay where snorkeled. We were in a caldera (formed when the mouth of a volcano collapsed). It was hot, so getting in the water had a double benefit.

Afterwards we went to the ship, grabbed lunch and I had a quick nap.

In the afternoon we had another tour near the beach and saw many of the same species but in different habitat. We also saw a Yellow Crowned Night Heron.

We still can’t really believe that we are here.

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