Lima – Day 1 (arrival & more)

Today is the first real day of our Machu Picchu/Galapagos bucket list trip.

We arrived last night (Monday) at the Lima airport at about 11:00 PM (which is in the central time zone). It was a long day considering we started from our Hotel at SFO at 4:30AM (pacific time).

Lima is larger than I thought with almost 10 million people. We have one day to explore the city. It is right on the ocean and foggy/misty/overcast most of the time.

Miraflores district, Lima, Peru

In spite of that, it only gets 1-4 inches of precipitation a year (most in the form of mist as you can see in the picture above).

We took some time this afternoon and explored parts or Miraflores. This is a shot of LarcoMar (a mall-like feature cut into the side of the cliff) where Miraflores meets the pacific. Apparently the locals wanted some nice upscale dining and shopping but didn’t want to ruin their view. Rather than go up, they went down.

We had lunch here in a restaurant called Mangos. You can see it in the middle of the picture with the umbrellas. Good food and fantastic view with a nice moderate sea breeze.

Our shuttle leaves at 3:15AM tomorrow (Wednesday) to take us to the airport and then on to Cuzco. It is only 360 miles away but it would be an 18+ hour drive. Happy to fly.

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