Rome to Istanbul – Day 8 (Ephesus)

We left Izmir early for our trip to Ephesus. It is an amazingly preserved piece of history. There are active excavations happening every day as they learn more about this ancient city. I’ll post a link to more images later since there is so much happening there.

This first image below is the main shopping street of Ephesus. The street is solid marble. They are still actively unearthing the shops that lined the streets (we saw some at work while we were there). At the end of the street you can see the library of Celsius.

Today only the facade of the Library exists and it was painstakingly reconstructed. Through the gate on the right one enters the main agora or square.

This is where most of the commerce of the city took place. Unfortunately much of this commerce was the selling of idols and icons, especially of Artemis the godess of fertility whose temple was nearby. It is likely that it was this marketplace where the Apostle Paul spoke against such practices and idol worship (Acts 19:26).

Some think that Paul may have spoken to the people of Ephesus in this main theater but it is more likely that this is where Demetrius (a smith who sold silver icons of Artemis) caused a near riot against Paul by rallying his fellow craftsmen in the theater (Acts 19:28-31).

It was very cool to be able to walk where some of the early history of the church was being made.

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