Rome to Istanbul – Day 5 (Argostoli)

Argostoli (Αργοστόλι) was our port of call today. We decided to do a self guided walk of town rather than a scheduled tour. It is a rather plain port, nothing too exciting. It is the main port for the island so while there is a fair amount of tourism, there is more commerce than anything.

During our walk along downtown, we noticed a lot of locals out dining for a mid-day Monday. We certainly didn’t sense any feeling of impending doom due to the debt crisis (then again I am not sure what that would look like here). The center of activity was a four of five block long stretch that was pedestrian only shopping.

I think that the highlight of our excursion were the massive loggerhead turtles that hang around the harbor either feeding for themselves or taking handouts as the local fisherman clean their catches.

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