Budapest – Day 11

This morning we disembarked the Viking Legend after a nice breakfast and goodbyes with new friends (actually some of the goodbyes were at dinner last night due to early morning flights).

All in all we really liked Viking. We had a couple of nits but they do a good job. The only issue going forward is finding an itinerary that speaks to us. It is worth noting that in major ports, the river boats can be stacked up like cord wood.

We left our port of call near the Chain Bridge and checked into the Palazzo Zichy in the palace quarter. What a nice find. A great mix of old and new. I would stay here again.

We left at about 11 since we had a 1:00PM tour at the Hungarian Parliament building. It is immense. This view only lets you see a fraction. It was modeled after Westminster in London. From what we were told it is about 80% of the size. The parliment in Hungary was originally bicameral but is now unicameral. This allowed us to visit the hall that is now unoccupied. 

They also have lots of statues of their national heroes throughout. Compared to commerative statues, etc. in the US, all of these heroes look quite swarthy and medieval. Hmm maybe that is because …

These pictures are color balanced – the ceilings in this shot are actually this gold. 

After leaving the Parliament we walked to the Szent István-Bazilika (St. Stephen’s Basilica). It was on the way back and since we walked over 60 miles during this trip it seemed old hat.
Not surprisingly it had a large courtyard but the interior, while very nice, was smaller than I expected.

We also happened on a fair on Vaci Street. It was filled with street vendors, a wonderful place to stop for a beer and light fare. We also saw these examples of local cuisine.

Tomorrow we start our journey home. It was a great trip. 

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