Salzburg – Day 6

We boarded our bus at 8:30AM in Linz headed for Salzburg. We took a break halfway there in Mondsee. There is little more here than a rest stop but Mondsee is an absolutely beautiful lake with mountain backdrops. I would guess that more often than not, those on their way to Salzburg stop here if only for a photo op. I’ll admit that it was worth it.

We arrived in Salzburg about 11:00 and had a nice guided tour. So far all of our guides have been locals and really know their area. We toured the Mirabell Gardens (with the fortress in the background), saw the birthplace and adolescent homes of Mozart and visited a variety of churches from the Gothic to the Baroque eras. We also visited the Abbey and its cemetery which inspired the cemetery scene in the Sound of Music.

The tour ended and we had a wonderful lunch of local brews, Snitzels (+one chicken) at the Stieglkeller. As you can see we enjoyed ourselves. The Steiglkeller had two additional features, the view and proximity to the funicular.

From there we took the Festunsbahn (a funicular train) to the Festung Hohensalzburg which means – High Salzburg fortress). This was built mainly between 1077 and 1519. I say mainly because every local power would modify it or add on to it during their reign. The views from the fortress were awe inspiring. 

This view of the standalone house is interesting. It is where the hangman lived. No neighbors!

After dinner before we cast off, I snapped a couple of pictures of a local fair on the river bank.

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