Passau – Day 5

Passau is a quaint little city of about 50,000. It is also know as the city of three rivers (the Inn, the Ilz and the Danube). That gives it lots of character and variety but also makes it subject to flooding. I am glad we didn’t try to do this tour last year. The flooding was their worst since 1505. We were told that everything on the ground floor of the buildings is movable so that in the event of a flood… (what a pain). Here is a picture that gives you an idea of just how high the flooding was.

Passau is also home to the worlds largest organ in a Cathedral. Over 17,000 pipes and over 230 stops. They have weekly concerts here which happend to nicely fit into our schedule for the day. The place was packed. It was in St. Stephens Cathedral, a great example of Baroque architecture from 1688.

We also had a chance to see the city (with a nice view up the Danube) from Veste Oberhaus. It dates from 1219 and served not only as protection for the Bishop, but also a stronghold from which to manage commerce on the river (i.e. extract taxes for the shipment of salt).

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