Prague – Day 3/Passau arrival – Day 4

On Saturday we took a leisurely breakfast and walked back into town. The old town square was a buzz with vendors, hawkers, and performers. The guy in the first image below did a Roundhouse Rodney impersonation (now that dates me). We explored some of the small streets and passageways filled with people. One thing that was clear from the shops was that they (or their tourists) are big into their Garnets.

At lunch we went to the Terrace on the top of the Hotel U Prince Hotel. This rooftop dining experience has been rated as one of top ten restaurant views in The world. This view gives you an understanding why.

After lunch we went looking for the bike shop we bumped into while we were lost looking for our restaurant Friday evening. Marty and I were in search of a Czech bicycle jersey. Alas it was closed.

From there we ambled to the Na Mustak, a kilometer long stretch of shopping, dining and vending. At one end is the statue commemorating St. Wenceslas. It was somewhat reminiscent of Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

Saturday evening we sampled some of the local fare and then attended a concert of the Moravian Philharmonic at Smetana hall at the Municipal House in Republic Square. The program consisted of a Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, a Beethoven Piano Concerto and Dvorak’s Symphony #9. It seemed fitting since Dvorak had conducted at this venue in his home country. We loved it. Marty and I rose at o’Dark 30 and caught this shot early Sunday morning.

The Sunday trip to Passau was relatively uneventful as we took the motor bus across the southeastern part of the Czech Republic into Passau Germany to board our VIking Legend River boat.


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