Barcelona – La Sagrada Familia

Mary’s number one priority for our trip to Spain was La Sagrada Familia. I asked several times (more than ten) “What do you want to do, what do you want to see.” The answer was always the same. As long as I see La Sagrada Familia I don’t care.

We researched this extensively and even watched the recent 60 Minutes episode about the site. I was certainly intrigued and excited to see it.

We bought tickets online prior to the trip which I would certainly encourage. It opens at 9:00 AM. We arrived (tickets in hand) at 8:30 just to make sure. The line to buy tickets was already 200 deep. By the time we finished our cappuccinos and made it to our entrance, the tickets line was already around the block.

I have three posts about this location. I don’t recall having done that in the past. It was the most amazing church I have seen in my life (more about that later.)

This post is about the exterior (which won’t be complete until 2026.) The project was started in 1882. They have an excellent site which details the history so I won’t even try.

The exterior currently has two main facades. One is the Passion (shown first below) which tells the story of His crucifixion, and the second, the Nativity (which is dedicated to the birth of Jesus). I have shown pictures of both in this post.

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