El Castell de Guadalest

This castle has an interesting history.

El Castell de Guadalest was started in the early thirteenth century. In 1644, earthquakes destroyed the Castle. In 1748 and 1752, more earthquakes occur, but less important than the earlier ones.

During the War of Succession in 1708, the Castle of San Jose suffered a bombing that seriously affected its west wing and the Orduna house.

In the twentieth century, El Castell de Guadalest has had a series of important changes:

  • In 1953, construction of the dam that would be completed in 1971 begins.
  • Tourism begins to discover the charm of El Castell de Guadalest.
  • In 1974, El Castell de Guadalest is declared historical – artistic.
  • In 1980, El Castell de Guadalest receives the Bronze Plaque for Tourist Merit and in 1981, the Third National Award for Tourism to the Beautification and Improvement of the peoples of Spain.
  • In 1994, it agreed to purchase municipal Orduna House and proceed to their rehabilitation to be transformed in the Municipal Museum.

Today it is quite a nice destination. The local town supports the tourists and there are a lot of choices for lunch. Based on our experience, just make sure that you pick a location that has other guests. There is at least one, only “so-so”, restaurant. It is also worth making sure that your clutch is in good shape for the journey.

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