Denia – Calle Loreto

One of our best memories of our trip to Denia was Calle Loreto. One night we asked the open ended question of the hotel staffer “Where is the best place to go for dinner.” He was not going to be trapped that easily. There are fifty right answers depending on who asks the question, etc. We clarified: “We are really interested in a local experience of Tapas.” Bingo.

Calle Loreto.

While there were certainly tourists there, it was also a hangout for the locals. It was six blocks of wall to wall Tapas. We never had a bad meal. It became a tapas crawl. Yummy. Obviously others liked it too as you can see in these shots. Two of these are shots from Placa la Creu down by the port but they all share the same philosophy. Highly recommended for foodies!

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