Denia – The Castle

The Castle in Denia was built in the 11th and 12th centuries. It was only a stone’s throw from our hotel and we enjoy adventures, so we made an afternoon of it. We really enjoyed our time.

There is a nice museum at the top which had two important attributes; lots of relics and information about Denia and the castle and (!) air conditioners (very welcome since it was one of the hotter days). Here are a handful of shots in and around the castle (including an early morning shot from the port).

IMG_0070 - Version 2 IMG_0042 - Version 2 AE0A7791 - Version 2 IMG_0021 - Version 2 AE0A7792 - Version 2 AE0A7742 - Version 2 AE0A7783 - Version 2 AE0A7945 - Version 2

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