Paris – Day 6, The Louvre and Love Locks

The Louvre was crowded this morning. Now if that isn’t the silliest thing one could say. I can’t imagine it is ever anything but busy.

How about this, it was so busy it was annoying. Especially with tour groups who act like entitled little %(&^*&$s. I feel better.

The first shot below is an outside shot from inside the Louvre. It doesn’t give you a good idea of what portends inside. The second shot is down the main hall, in the Italian section of the First Floor. The second shot is…wait for it…the hall that houses the Mona Lisa. These are crazy people. I am sorry for you Da Vinci lovers, but it is a little picture of a plain woman. Whatever. Mary called the scene #pandemoniuminfrontoftheMonaLisa. I agree, get over it.

The third picture made my day. It was painted by Georges de la Tour and is called Joseph the Carpenter. I just love the way he uses light to enhance the entire presence of the painting.

Now to the neighborhood. I felt compelled to get a couple of shots of the Love Locks on the Pont des Arts bridge near the Louvre. This tradition started in the early 2000s. It is the equivalent of carving ones initials into a heart on the side of an old oak tree. They take a lock, initial it with a sharpie, lock in to the bridgework and throw the keys into the Seine (some use combination locks to hedge their bets). It is to the point where the street vendors sell padlocks. 

Some are vanilla, I caught a fairly unique one below and saw a couple adding to the collection on the bridge with a lock of their own. Awwww.

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