Paris – Day 5

Yesterday we visited Mont St. Michel. It was a long day. We had a short walk, 2 and 1/2 blocks to pick up our bus at 7:15 AM and returned at about 9:15PM. We picked CityRama tours, it was just easy. The day included transportation, lunch, entrance to the Abbey and a guided tour that wasn’t over the top. There were about 35 people on the tour. It was more time on the bus than I would have preferred but I am the one who picked the destination so I can’t complain. It is about 350km from Paris to the Abbey. About halfway there, the countryside started to open up. We traveled along the major highways through Rouen and Caen (known to most history buffs and crossword fans). As we neared the site, glimpses of the granite outcropping with an Abbey on top appeared from time to time.

The monument, on the border between Normandy and Brittany, is being restored (with an estimated completion date of 2015!). This includes parts of the Abbey and island structures as well as the causeway which will include train (shuttle) service. In the meantime photographers will need to put up with scaffolding, etc.

According to legend, the local bishop (St. Aubert) was instructed several times by the archangel Michael in 708 to build the church. It wasn’t until Michael “burned a hole in his forehead with his finger” that the bishop acted.

The Mont has a storied past with charachters such as William the Conqueror, Louis the XI, and even Victor Hugo. Wikipedia has a good summary

I am posting several photos here but most from this day (and the rest of the trip for that matter) will be posted in Albums at after we return.

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