Paris – Day 2

Day 2 started early. I woke up early, and decided to explore the area. The first morning is always an early rise for me as I adjust to the local timezone. This was no exception. Up at four, fought it until five and then headed out.

We are quite centrally located and a walk up Avenue de l’Opera is quite nice pre-dawn. Here are two early morning shots (the first is the opera house).

























When I returned (after everyone was up) we had a nice breakfast and headed for the Trocadero Metro stop. I had heard that that was the right way to approach the Eiffel Tower. The advice was good. When you walk around the corner, it slams you.







































This is certainly the best way to explore the upper parts of the Tower. When we were there, I’d estimate the lines at two hours, minimum.













From the other side of the tower, the lighting was better, albeit slightly less dramatic.



























All in all a very memorable experience. I have seen it from afar, I have seen it from a car (I have seen green eggs and ham, Sam I am) but never up close. Wow.

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