February Escape (Part II)

This time we were able to venture off the property and do some touring.

We took a day trip (8AM to 6PM) to Chichen Itza. This is the Temple of Kukulkan, usually called El Castillo. One used to be able to walk to the top but now it is closed. Perhaps a tourist had too many cervezas and fell.

This is the first of two shots of the Temple of Warriors.

Here you can see part of the “Group of a Thousand Columns” which used to support an elaborate roof system.

At Chichen Itza I saw more Iguanas than near the coast. They were sassy and,

bold too.

On the way back we stopped in Ticimul for lunch. We had fresh hand-made tortillas

And were treated to a little song and dance.

Heading back we stopped in the nearby Town of Puerto Morelos. While we’d visited Playa del Carmen earlier in the week, I liked this much smaller town better. It was quite quaint.

Besides, it also has the Leaning Tower of Puerto Morelos.

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