The Eagle Landed

November was slow. I even resorted to posting one of last years Sandies from our trip to the Bosque.

Today, driving along the Lake Elmo, Mary spotted our local pair of Bald Eagles. We were only a couple of miles from home so I was able to gear up and catch a couple of nice shots.

They are magnificent!

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  1. Mike Thiele says:

    Hello John. We had exchanged a few emails a while ago. Bob Nasvik jr. is my nephew.

    I am stunned by the clarity of the eagle photos. What is the secret to attain that?



    • Feik says:

      That shot had the trifecta going for it:
      1. I was close
      2. I had a big lens (500mm)
      3. It was light enough to have a fast shutter speed.

      I also shoot in “raw” on the canon which lets me compensate for harsh igniting conditions.


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