We set out from Ketchikan for Vancouver at about 6pm on Monday evening and arrived at 6am Wednesday. It was 36 hours at sea.

Here is our last Sunset in Alaska as we headed in to the Inside Passage. Tuesday started as normal with a nice breakfast. The rude awakening came when we came back and found our bags on the bed so that we could pack. They had to be outside our stateroom by 11:00pm so that they could unload them in port the next AM. In the end we had a relaxing day at sea.

At dawn we cruised into Vancouver. It was quite a nice sight. Much bigger than when I last was here (~’92).

We checked into the hotel across from the BC Center. It is not the only “dome” that lost its head. In this case It was high winds. They are busy replacing it.

I don’t think I’d like this guy’s job.

We also visited Gastown in Old Vancouver. It is largely restored and filled with shops, coffee shops and bars. It also has the famed Steam Clock. It was built in 1977 as a tourist attraction for the renovated Gastown district of Vancouver. Although the clock is now owned by the City of Vancouver, funding for the project was provided by contributions from local merchants, property owners, and private donors. Incorporating a steam engine and electric motors, the clock displays the time on four faces and announces the quarter hours with a whistle chime that plays the Westminster Quarters.

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