Juneau and Whales

After visiting Mendenhall Glacier, we boarded our third Allen Marine chartered cruise. It was billed as an evening of whale watching.

We were told that one in ten trips, an Orca (Killer Whale) is spotted. We saw four. It was cool just to spot them (even if they never did the Sea World jump out of the water maneuver).

We spotted a pod of Humpbacks and started tracking them at a distance.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a Humpback from a pod that we’d been watching surfaced right next to the boat. I mean right next to the boat.

These images have not been cropped. I could not get the whole fluke into the screen.

What a day. We were beat. It was now about 10pm (sun just setting) and we headed back to the ship and sat on the balcony watching the lights across the channel as we got underway; next stop Skagway.

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