Tracy Arm


I was up early Friday and noticed these floating past our balcony. Our ship had ventured into the Tracy Arm (basically a very large fjord), home to the North and South Sawyer Glaciers (which were one prior to their retreat.

To get a feeling for the sheer size of the mountains on the sides of the Arm, here is a shot of our ship which rises twelve stories above the waterline, with the walls of the Arm as a background.

From here we boarded another catamaran that gave us beautiful sights as we approached.


We were able to get much closer that we could with the big ship. The glaciers were beautiful.

This is the Sawyer Glacier (North). What is interesting is the cave at the lower right corner of the glacier.

Here is a closer shot of the glacier cave. There is a churn of new melt being added at the bottom fed by all of the run-off.

We also happened upon a Trumpeter Swan who decided that we were too much company.

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  1. casacaudill says:

    I am considering this cruise next year and I was wondering if the catamaran you boarded here was an extra, or was it part of the “all inclusive” option?

    • Feik says:

      Short answer is I think so. Some of the exotic excursions were more (e.g. Helicopter to the top of the Glacier) were extra.

      Long answer is that I would highly recommend this cruise and Regent Seven Seas specifically. The best line we have ever cruised with. Not cheap, but worth it. I don’t know if I would bother if it were a miami to Aruba cruise but for Alaska or European, yes.

  2. Joe Bormel says:

    Is the recommendation driven more from 1) the service, 2) food, 3) accommodation, or 4) those great, short disembarkment times? Or, 5) something else?


    • Feik says:

      1. The attitude of the staff was great. Their basic answer to a request was yes. They might have had to work on it but they figured it out. 2. The food was fantastic. While buffet options were available, they were certainly not the most common dining experience (except perhaps breakfast where ala carte was available but not as easy as buffet). 3. We liked our room a lot and most, if not all, staterooms have a balcony (one of the advantages of a smaller vessel). 4. The disembarkment time were certainly less but another advantage is that the ship has more flexibility. An example was Seward, another the Hubbard Glacier.

      Finally I really like the all-inclusive aspect. I didn’t feel like I was getting nickeled and dimed at every turn.

    • Feik says:

      All of the above. I would add that the smaller ships can go more places.

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