Sitka (with Otters, Eagles, and Puffins)

After seeing so many Harbor Seals sunning on ice floes (go figure), we were excited to go on a smaller excursion. We ventured into the quaint town of Sitka, situated at the edge of the Sitka Sound with pretty dramatic terrain.

The local fishing is going well. Here is an early morning crew with nets strained by the size of their catch. It turns out that the TV series “Deadliest Catch” has many episodes that film out of Sitka.

We boarded an Allen Marine chartered catamaran out of Sitka. It was a very cool boat driven by four diesels that drive four jet thrusters. These are the same catamarans that rescued the passengers on the plane that Sculley landed on the Hudson River. The locals are deservedly proud of their local success story. Very cool boats. Unbelievably maneuverable. They enabled us to get very close to these playful Otters.

These three look like they are saying prayers to keep us from getting to close.

As we ventured south, we entered Redoubt Bay. They’ve had a good enough summer that they are opening the entrance to Redoubt Lake for Salmon fishing.

This seems like an unusual way to catch Salmon heading up stream but they were there quite a while.

We were also fortunate to spot a couple of Puffins (Mary was quite pleased).

We saw a number of Bald Eagles (I was pleased).

This one was fishing (not a big catch put he does have a fish in his talons).

And enjoy the scenery.

To end the evening, we entered Silver Bay and spotted the fluke of a Humpback Whale. Quite cool.

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