Hubbard Glacier

On Thursday we visited Hubbard Glacier. It is the longest tidewater Glacier in Alaska with a face that is 6 miles wide. Here is a shot as we pulled into Yakutat Bay. It was very impressive even from a distance. Fortunately, the weather was very nice and calm, allowing us to get closer.

At this distance it looks more like an ice wall since you can’t see the top. At this distance you can hear the glacier. It is almost like a low level rolling thunder as the ice groans and creaks readying for the next calving when a large chunk breaks off.

Up close the blues are amazing. Almost reminiscent of the waters of the Caribbean (but a lot colder).

The bay was littered with mini icebergs created by the calving process. None big enough to get in the way of the ship but I imagine a kayak trip would be an adventure. The flows also provided a haven for seals.

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