Alaska – Anchorage to Seward

We made it to Alaska. Not that it was really in doubt, but we are here nonetheless. I have now been to all fifty states. It took more than 50 years but I am pleased.

We arrived Tuesday night in Anchorage. It was about 6:30 by the time we got to the hotel (a 5+ hour flight and three time zones from MSP). It was a nice flight, with bulkhead exit row seats. Alas, no upgrades. It was the first flight I have been on in some time where twelve out of fourteen in first class paid for first class tickets. All rookies mind you, since the attendant told us that many asked how much the drinks were.

We freshened up and decided to take the advice of a nice flight attendant who suggested a local watering hole called Humpy’s. Being in seafood country we decided to have Halibut Tacos and Fish and Chips (also Halibut). They were both quite tasty. I think that others must agree since it was packed (and on a Tuesday night no less).

Wednesday morning we took a nice walk around town before heading to the airport/train station.

We boarded the Grandview train for our ride to Seward. It is 112 miles but took four and a half hours winding through the beautiful Grandview Valley.

The train also had several dome cars. These allowed us great views of the magnificent countryside.

The best action however was hanging out the window of the area between cars (no reflections off the glass, etc.).

The train frequently paralleled the highway but often ventured into the wild.

Finally about 5:30 we arrived in Seward to board our ship. More on that in the next post.

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