Lake Elmo Owls

Ok, I’ll admit it, I am way behind. A month ago I posted the last update and showed our local owl family with the two fledglings.

Here is an update.

It has been a rainy spring. The last shot with the gaping craw was on 4/17. This is only two weeks later. They grow fast!

One reason they grow fast is that they eat a lot. This is the final remains of a local crow that was pestering them. One way to quiet the neighborhood.

Now the first week of May has arrived and things are heating up. Here the pre-licensed pilot is testing the left…

and right flaps. getting ready to leave.

Now on the fifteenth, he got brave and ventured about ten feet from the nest. As I watched he was still very tentative.

Finally – he is good to go. The nest is a memory. He is now emancipated. Truthfully, he is only about 50 yards away. However, we have not seen him return to the nest. he is now hunting on his own.

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