Great Horned Owls

About a month or two ago I started hearing a deep throated “hoot hoot” in the early morning hours. After a couple of days, there was an echo.

I should have realized that this was the mating game.

A couple of weeks ago Mama found an old squirrels nest and decided to make it home.

She looked cozy and vigilant at the same time.

And then…two owlets emerged. This is about ten days or so after hatching.

I know they be flying eventually, but from the looks of the feathers on this wing, it won’t be tomorrow. I hope to get some more shorts as they develop.

They have quite the appetite. The parents spend a considerable part of the day, away from the nest hunting. I am quite pleased that they chose to nest here. Not only are they fund to watch, I have fewer chipmunks and mice to worry about.

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