2011 Venice Rookery Part III – Whistling Ducks, Tricolor, and Anhingas

The variety at the Rookery was down a lot this year. Some say it was a cold snap, others suggest it was the fact that they cut down the trees. In any case, other than the GBH (Great Blue Herons) and Egrets, there weren’t many others. The Anhingas were there like always. Age doesn’t seem to affect their looks. The young ones are just as ugly.

I’ve been watching the Tricolor Herons for a while. They are the diminutive cousins of the GBH. They seem more reclusive so I was pleased to get this shot.

This year I saw a new species, Whistling Ducks. Actually they are Black Bellied Whistling Ducks. They seem to take to the water like Ostriches take to the air. Strange. They look at it, they drink it, they stick their toes in it, but they won’t go in.

They also have a tendency to only travel in groups or pairs. I couldn’t get one alone. They did grow on you.

Preview of coming attractions – I visited the Ding Darling NWR on Sanibel Island this AM. WOW. Stay tuned.

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  1. Kaye Johnson says:

    Great Photos that you took at the Venice Rookery February 2011. I think that the beautiful bird in flight that you call a Tri-Color Heron may be a Black Crowned Night Heron.
    I have just started my Bird watching and one day hope to be able to capture photo like yours.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.


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