2011 Venice Rookery Part II – Great Blue Herons

I have been shooting the Great Blue here and in Minnesota for some time. We have about four that live on our lake. However, at home I’ve never spotted their nests, seen their young or noticed group behavior. They are all loners. All that is different at the Rookery (and I am sure lots of other places.

I watched this parent child pair for quite a while. When this was taken I imaged the juvi saying “Psst – I have a secret.”

The Mom/dad leans down and the child clamps his beak over theirs and pulls the head down. It all seemed quite playful. I have a feeling it was “Hey – more food!!”

Then this guy flew across the lake and landed right in front of me, stopped and stared me down for a couple of minutes. When he decided that I was benign..

…he started foraging. I wondered why he was on land because he is a fish eater.

He was looking for a stick. Just the right stick. I say that because he brought several others back before one was accepted.

“Honey, look at the nice stick I found. Isn’t it great.”

“Yes dear. Hand it over.”

Interesting ritual. He could have placed it in the nest himself, but every time it had to be handed over. It was entertaining.

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