Back to Colvill Park

On February 4th, the Bald Eagle itch got to me. It was time to venture back to Colvill Park in Red Wing. I called Marty and the two of us ventured back on the 5th for an encore trip.

It started slow with little activity. Lots of Eagles, but not much activity.

The Mallards, as always, were out and about, even if the ice was cold to their feet. I know it would be cold to mine.

After a couple of hours of waiting for some action we decided to move away from the inlet towards the main river and our buddy here dropped in. Unfortunately, it started snowing and that made the images less crisp than i was hoping for. Still this guy was certainly checking us out.

As the snowfall accelerated it created a surreal mood in the harbor.

I think that these two shots captured it pretty well. It was an awesome day.

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