The Bosque (day two – the AM)

We arose at o’dark thirty Saturday AM and drove down the the Bosque (15 minutes). We arrived before sunrise and were joined by a few other hardened photographers.

The first light was almost pink. Many of the cranes were still asleep with their heads buried under their wings.

As it started to lighten up, the color turned almost orange. These cranes started leaning north, getting ready to take off.

A couple of minutes later, the clouds shifted, the reflections turned blue and they were joined by two more sandies, one who was ready to go, the other still questioning. Are you sure it is time?

Yes it is time.

I was quite pleased that he provided me which a great background as he flew off in search of a nice corn field.

Most others followed shortly. I think this one was trying to pretend that he was a ring-necked crane (or a sergeant in the air force). Actually the sun was so low, that the slits between his feathers cast that pattern on his neck.

At the peak there were 75 photographers in a row, tripod after tripod, long lens after long lens. The flurry of activity lasted from 6:25 – 8:15. It was one of the noisiest mornings I recall, but quite awesome.

Given the number of shots, I expect at least four more posts from this trip.

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