Destination Photography – Bosque del Apache

We are well aware of (and practice frequently) destination dining and destination golf. This weekend we are experiencing destination photography. Not that I don’t always take the camera with me, and not that the photographic appeal of a location doesn’t affect my interest in traveling there, but this is the first time (day trips notwithstanding) that we’ve traveled exclusively to take pictures.

We returned to New Mexico so that I could take pictures at Bosque del Apache. It is a very well known wildlife refuge that is focused on Sandhill Cranes (the count this week was 7,000) but don’t tell the 20,000 snow geese that.

We arrived in Albuquerque at about 1:30 and made it to the Bosque just before 4:00. The temperature was quite moderate but started cooling off quickly as the sun set.

The setting sun, triggered the return of the Cranes after a day feeding in the corn. Wave after wave arrived in this roadside pond.

The warm evening colors and the long light made for great subjects. From the looks of it, I’ll need several posts to share the many aspects of this amazing place.

All I can say is that I am sure glad that I am not paying for film anymore. I hope you enjoy.

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