Day 9 – Abbey Road, Hyde Park

Fortunately they indulged me. Our Oyster card expired on Saturday so I pulled out the bus maps and plotted a course for Abbey Road. According to the map we were to take the #31 to Belsize road. We did. Not bad £2 each. We walked from Belsize to Abbey road (it turns out there was a stop there too) and then down Abbey Road to the studios.

Of course the studios weren’t really the main attraction. I had been harping all week about wanting to “recreate” the album cover. There were quite a few people there all queuing and disrupting traffic. I am sure the locals get tired of it but ‘cmon. Mary took a shot of a couple trying to figure out how they could both get in and then they returned the favor.

We then checked out the different bus stops trying to figure out the most direct way to get to Hyde Park. Again not to bad. Their transit system is quite impressive. We grabbed lunch at the Island Bar and Grill at the Lancaster.
After lunch we took another trek through Hyde Park. We would have spent more time there but it started raining. The Serpentine Lake is home to a lot of wildlife. I am not sure what this guy is but I loved his colorful head.

The fall flowers are peaking and the colors are beautiful and saturated. Plenty of options for photographers.

We topped the day off with Sushi at Itsu’s. Quality was good, selection so-so (no softshell crab – maki or ama ebi – raw shrimp). I did enjoy the conveyer belt. I have a feeling that one eats more when constantly presented with more options.

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